Our policy is to store artwork for 2 weeks only. Please pick up your artwork within this timeframe.  It is not guaranteed your artwork will still be at the studio 2 weeks after your workshop. 

We know how precious it is and we do our best to hold on as long as possible.  However, the studio is very busy and artwork can pile up! We have lots of artists creating and only have enough room to artwork for 2 weeks.





  • We do not offer refunds.
  • You can transfer your workshop booking up to 24 hours before the workshop using the link provided you in the booking confirmation.
  • We cannot provide a transfer after this time.  



  • Running late? We understand that sometimes there are unforeseeable issues. These things happen. 
  • If you are 5 minutes late to a workshop it makes it really hard on the instructor and the demonstration. This can be avoided by arriving 5-10 minutes early. The classroom itself will open up 5 minutes before the start of the demonstration so you have time to grab an apron and settle in.
  • If you are more than 5 minutes late to a workshop demonstration you will miss the instruction and the necessary steps in the project and you may not be able to join in. This is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Understand that we cannot offer a refund or credit if you are late and unable to join the class. If there is room for the next demonstration, you are welcome to join that one instead.
  • We require 24 hours notice of any cancellations and transfers.



  • You can make changes to your booking up to 24 hours before.
  • If the change you make requires less payment than originally paid, a credit will be entered on your account (i.e. a booking change from 2 people to 1, the amount paid for the 2nd person will be added to your account.)